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This is my shitty Artblog. Enjoy!

Just a little thing that happened to me today at school.

A classmate saw me drawing in my sketchbook and he kind of glanced to the doodle the whole time. When we had a little 5 minute break he came up to me and told me that he would love to comission me because he thinks that my stuff is awesome and he wants a drawing so he can hang it up in his apartment ´w`

That has never ever happened to me ever. To think that there are people who’d like to buy stuff from me is just really really nice and awesome.

This is probably pretty boring to you, I’m sorry guise! But it really made my day and I still feel very happy about it <3

Oktober 07, 2014

killa-7 replied to your post: Soooo, I haven’t been that active here…

I hope for more pictures, and I will try to be more talkative about art from other people in the future ;_; That’s so hard for me, commenting on everything I like, I’m so lazy.

Ach was, quatsch. Mach dir mal keinen Stress. Ich kenne das mit dem Faul sein und nicht kommentieren :’D Mach einfach, wie es dir am liebsten ist^^

Oktober 02, 2014